The Perfect Bookbag

 After doing a post about what’s inside my book bag, I decided to do a post about the actual bag! I actually carry a plain white north face, (it’s extremely roomy without being too large, and it is very durable) but someday I might invest in something a bit more stylish. So I searched the web and found a few that I really like. I can’t decide if I would rather have a tote bag or a backpack – either one has its pros and cons. Totes are much more fashionable, but they are harder to carry (especially long distances around campus) and some don’t zip closed. Backpacks aren’t as cute in my opinion, but even a heavy pack isn’t too difficult to carry, and they are much more secure. Which do you prefer- a tote or a backpack? And why? Answer in the comments below!

DIY Lilly Sorority Paddle

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Paddle

Any sorority girl knows that a staple of greek life is the paddle. From big-little reveals to 21st birthdays to tokens of friendship, paddles are the perfect way to display your greek pride and express your sisterly love. We all (or maybe it’s just me) dream of a wall simply covered with cute paddles in every color, pattern, and style. Ever since I pledged, I have been brainstorming ideas and Continue reading

My College Book Bag Essentials

perfectly packed

Well… it’s that time again! Time for classes and early alarms and tests. Time for science labs and long papers and due dates. I’m certainly not ready for the summer to end, but one good thing about school starting up again is school supply shopping. Even as a little kid, I loved going to the store to buy new supplies- so many bright colors and fun patterns and pencils/crayons/markers that were still fresh and unused. I almost hated to use new supplies for fear of “ruining” them! I also enjoyed organizing my new purchases and having a locker/desk/backpack with everything in its place. (But what kid loves organizing things? Let’s just say I was ahead of my years 🙂 )

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Black Bean and Corn Relish


At my hometown grocery store (HEB), there is a kiosk near the meats/cheese called the Cooking Connection. It’s basically a mini kitchen (oven, stove, the whole works!) where one or two chefs work handing out samples of delicious recipes and trying to get you to buy the store brand ingredients. I’ve made it a habit of stopping by the kiosk every time I go to the store because without fail, grocery shopping makes me hungry. I usually end up buying a ton of tantalizing and junky snacks that get devoured within a day or two. But, by trying a few samples instead, I save both my wallet AND my waistline.

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