Get to Know Me

Since I’m new to the blogosphere, I decided a fun little survey would be a good way for any readers to get to know me! I have always loved filling out surveys, quizzes, and yes, even school/job applications (a little crazy I know) so I had a lot of fun going through and answering these questions. Here we go!

Name Your Favorite…

Person – Do I have to name just one? I don’t actually have one favorite but I’m gonna have to go with my beautiful friend Anu. Even though we live in different states now, she is always one I can talk to about anything. I love her to death and miss seeing her every day!IMG_0574

Color – Lavender

Food – Spaghetti and meatballs (especially from Macaroni Grill, good lawd so delicious)

Smell – Freshly baked bread and clean laundry.

Book – Gosh another hard one! Way too many to choose from. I really like Manhunt by James Swanson (nonfiction),  and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini (fiction). Also, I generally love any sort of mystery/crime/thriller/horror novel.

Movie – Ever After with Drew Barrymore. Soooooooo good, my friends.

Time of day – Currently, the evenings, where it cools down a bit and I take my dog for a walk.

Day of the week – Saturday. No work, and time to go shopping, cook, and relax!

Thing to do when bored – I’m a little embarrassed to admit that Netflix is my go-to boredom fix…

Celebrity – Jimmy Stewart… rest his soul. I loved his all of his movies, and I have a thing for anything from the 40s.

Annex - Stewart, James_03

Drink – Coke Zero with raspberry from Sonic, can’t get enough of it!

TV show – My all time favorite is Gilmore Girls. I have watched the entire series though several times. Currently though, Grey’s Anatomy, so addicting!

Fruit – Watermelon, hands down.

Vegetable – Peas.

Store/shop – Spool 72 for clothing, Pottery Barn or Target for decor.

Workout – Lately, I’ve just been enjoying long walks outside or on the treadmill with incline intervals. I am trying to get back into pilates for strength training.

Quote  – I recently read this in a book and I love it.


Potato chip flavor- I’m not a huge potato chip fan but if I had to choose, cracked pepper chips from Schlotzskys. But if we are talking fries though, Arby’s curly fries.

Meal of the day – Breakfast.

Ice cream flavor – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Season – Fall.

Dessert – Lime Sherbet or coconut cake.

Lifehack – I don’t know if this could be considered a life hack, but every time you order a cold drink (from Sonic, Starbucks, etc) ask for easy/light ice. I hate when the ice takes up 70% of the drink, and this way you get more drink for your buck!

Hope you enjoyed my survey, now it’s your turn! Choose a few questions and share below!




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  3. Sarah Jessica

    the 1st TV show i actually got excited to watch was Gilmore Girls and Greys Anatomy has been one of the only shows Iv kept up with and never lost the obsession with.That you walk on a treadmill at an incline is hilarious, i do that but its not something i usually admit to! Lastly the ice thing, I know! the only drink I don’t ask no ice for is my hot black coffee so i can cool it off.

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