Weekend Highlights: [6/16/14]

Happy Monday y’all!

This weekend was a nice and relaxing one. I spent time with my family at home for Father’s Day ( a very happy Father’s Day goes out to all daddys out there!), and I also got to see a good friend who is in town for a while.


Me and my daddio on the ski slopes- Happy Father’s Day!

Friday night evening after work, I made a trip to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner. I was completely famished, but thankfully HEB had a ton of yummy samples out so I made sure to grab a few. I didn’t snap any pictures but I had a piece of a sushi roll, a small bit of a bacon burger, and an especially amazing bite of black eyed peas made with bacon jam (sounds weird, I know but it totally worked).

While dinner was cooking (thanks Mom!), the rest of the fam put our new tv to use. We love MarioKart around here, so we spent the majority of the evening playing and enjoying the giant new screen. Dinner was delicious and summery: barbeque chicken (cooked in the crockpot because we couldn’t use our grill due to rainy weather), corn on the cob, and store bought potato salad.

After dinner I met up with one of my friends to take a walk around the neighborhood. It was incredibly humid but it felt good to go outside and move. We ended up walking about 2 1/2 miles at a fairly brisk pace so I was a complete sweaty mess at the end!

A few weeks ago, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers opened up down the street from my neighborhood. We decided to go and get dessert late Friday night, and as usual, Freddy’s didn’t disappoint. I ordered a vanilla custard concrete with coffee syrup (but they were out 😦 ) and cookie dough. Forgot to take a pic of this- still not completely used to blogging!

My brother ordered some fries (which I did get a picture of!) and they were delicious. They are thin, super crispy, and well-seasoned. Let’s just say that between the three of us, the fries were gone in a few minutes.IMG_5031


I woke up late Saturday morning, and whipped up a quick batch of buttermilk pancakes for breakfast. I just used the Pioneer brand mix rather than making the pancakes from scratch but they were still yummy.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning/straightening and watching Netflix-you guessed it, Grey’s Anatomy again! None of us felt like cooking dinner that night so we headed over to another new restaurant in town, Torchy’s Tacos.

My gosh these tacos are GOOD. Tacos are somewhat of a staple down here in Texas, and these trendy, Tex-Mex taco shops are popping up everywhere nowadays. We have two new taco places in town which is saying a lot for us. Back to the food though.. I ordered the Mr. Orange taco which consisted of blackened salmon with grilled corn and black beans, avocado salsa, and queso fresco. I honestly have never had a taco that good before- and I have had my fair share of tacos in life! It was fresh and bursting with flavor without feeling too heavy or rich. I’m seriously getting hungry right now just thinking about this heavenly taco.


We also ordered some chips with guacamole and salsa which were also amazing. The guac was chunky and super fresh and the chips were thin and salty, but the salsa was my favorite. It had a smoky, roasted flavor that was well balanced with hints of cilantro and lime- I couldn’t get enough!



Sunday was another lazy day- after church we headed to Pei Wei for lunch. I ordered the pad thai with tofu (one of my all time favorite foods!), and I also shared some edamame with the rest of the family.

That afternoon I went over to a friends’s to watch Gilmore Girls. We also made it to Sonic for happy hour, and I got my usual. We watched several episodes and spent time catching up and laughing like we always do. It was so nice to spend time with her before she goes back to being a summer counselor later in the week.

For dinner on Sunday, I ate my pad thai leftovers. I stayed in for the rest of the evening and got ready for the week ahead. The weekend went by wayyyy too fast as always, but it was well-enjoyed!

What did y’all do for the weekend? Comment below!


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