DIY Lilly Pulitzer Print

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Prints   I am so excited to share this post with y’all! I have always had a creative side to me, and with this DIY craze taking over the internet, I decided to add my own creations to the mix.

My sorority sisters and I are doing a paddle exchange for move in day at the house next August. Each girl creates a paddle for another, and receives a paddle from someone as well. Who has who is a secret so I’m not going to mention any names here just to be safe! I scoured Pinterest trying to come up with the perfect design for the paddle, and after hours of deliberation, I finally decided on a Lilly Pulitzer theme. After all, Lilly is a way of life down here in the South, and I am always looking for ways to bring a bit of home up to my school in Colorado. The print I chose for the paddle is First Impressions. I think it is super cute, and it seemed fairly easy to do on my own. I wasn’t able to paint the actual paddle, because there is only one store that sells paddles in my town. When I went to purchase one at Michael’s, every single paddle was completely misshapen. No joke- each and every last one was lopsided. They were so bad I couldn’t even use one. Hopefully I can find a decently priced one online- Does anybody know of a place I can buy cheap unfinished wooden paddles? On the bright side, it was good to practice on a canvas I had at home before conquering the paddle. This was such an simple and easy project. You can paint this on anything your heart desires: canvas, wood, paper, even fabric if you use fabric paint! Just be creative and have fun!

What you will need:

  • Three shades of pink acrylic paint-  light, medium, and dark (I used Americana Petal Pink, craftsmart Bright Magenta, and FolkArt Magenta)
  • Two shades of green acrylic paint-  light/lime and dark (I used craftsmart Apple Tart and Shamrock)
  • Turquoise acrylic paint (I used craftsmart Ocean Breeze)
  • Paintbrushes- preferably a smaller size
  • Canvas- or whatever else you wish to make pretty!
  • Paper plate to hold/mix paint

IMG_5059   Note: If what you are painting is not white, then paint a layer of white acrylic paint over the entire object before continuing.

First, paint the basic flower shapes with the medium pink. This is easy: just make loops and petal shapes radiating from a focal point. Remember- it does NOT have to be perfect!

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Prints

Then go back over with the darkest shade of pink.

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Prints

Now add in the light layer of pink. It’s ok if some white is peeking through; it’s supposed to look handmade!

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Print

For the leaves: First do the shapes with the lighter shade, and then add contrast by shading one side of the leaf with the dark green.

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Print

Almost done! Just fill in the blank space with turquoise. Again the lines don’t have to be perfect, so leave some white.

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Print

You can add a quote, initial, or monogram on top if you like. Or leave it blank for cute and preppy wall art that’s perfect for your bedroom at home or a dorm room!

And you’re done! Wasn’t that easy? I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!



  1. mlsiwak

    This is great! I’ve been looking for a good Lilly pattern tutorial!

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