Welcome to Freshly Fabulous. My name is Claire, and I live in northern Colorado (but Texas for the summer!). I love all things country, boho, chic and feminine. I started this blog as a document of my adventures in food, fashion, and life in general.





Throughout high school and into college, I have struggled with body image and self-confidence. I would see-saw back and forth between crazy obsessive health phases and periods where I would gain weight and feel horrible. It certainly wasn’t healthy at all, and nothing I tried got me out of the cycle. Until I stopped caring so much. After a while, and after quite a bit of soul-searching, I finally came to the conclusion that being healthy and balanced is far better than having that perfect bikini body or thigh gap. “All in moderation” is now my mantra, and it is what is leading me back down the road to a more fulfilled and healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect, and I am not fully satisfied with how my body looks, but I am no longer letting that control me. I want to feel energized, healthy, and strong rather than lethargic and depressed. So join me on my fresh start to becoming fabulous again… let’s all become freshly fabulous together!







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