#2 – Prep In Her Step

#2 - Prep In Her Step

J Crew shirts blouse

Jack rogers sandals

Michael kors bracelet


#1 – Dark as Night

#1 - Dark as Night

Vero Moda black top
$31 – veromoda.com

Michael Kors skinny fit pants

Givenchy metallic purse

Club Manhattan nickel free necklace
$34 – welikefashion.com

Vegan Cookie Dough Bites (The Best!)


About three years ago, after watching Food, Inc., and having an experience with bad chicken, I gave up meat. In fact, I went full-fledge vegan. Aside from honey and the occasional fish, I didn’t touch an animal product for over a year. I eventually returned to eating meat due to health problems (low body weight, not enough protein, etc), but during my time as a vegan, I had such a fun time exploring the world of animal-free recipes, products, and blogs. **Don’t get me wrong- it is definitely possible to obtain your complete nutritional needs while following a vegan diet, but at the time it just wasn’t working for me**

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Weekend Highlights: July 4th Edition!

(This post is extremely late, I sincerely apologize!)

I don’t know about y’all, but I loved this long weekend. It was so nice to have extra time off work to relax and enjoy the holiday. I went up to Dallas to visit a college friend for a few days and we had such a good time shopping, eating delicious food, and just hanging out.

I drove up Thursday afternoon (after a quick stop at Starbucks for an Iced Caramel Latte with soy milk). I passed time listening to This American Life and the drive went by quicker than ever! After I arrived at Emily’s house, we spent about an hour catching up and talking. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple months so we had much to chat about!

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Simple Pad Thai


Up until about 10 months ago, I had never tried Pad Thai. I’m from a fairly small town that doesn’t have much to offer in the exotic/ethnic food department, so I never even had the opportunity to try it out.

But then… during one of our weekend excursions last fall, my friend Emily (who is a well-seasoned and avid Thai food fan) suggested we find a Thai restaurant. I’m always up for an adventure- especially when it comes to food so I eagerly agreed. We stumbled upon a little hole in the wall place called Simply Thai, and my life was instantly changed! I seriously had no idea what I was missing out on. Simply Thai quickly became one of my favorite restaurants, and is still one of my go-to places when I go out to eat or order in. I’m definitely missing it while I’m home for the summer!

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