Weekend Highlights: July 4th Edition!

(This post is extremely late, I sincerely apologize!)

I don’t know about y’all, but I loved this long weekend. It was so nice to have extra time off work to relax and enjoy the holiday. I went up to Dallas to visit a college friend for a few days and we had such a good time shopping, eating delicious food, and just hanging out.

I drove up Thursday afternoon (after a quick stop at Starbucks for an Iced Caramel Latte with soy milk). I passed time listening to This American Life and the drive went by quicker than ever! After I arrived at Emily’s house, we spent about an hour catching up and talking. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple months so we had much to chat about!

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Simple Pad Thai


Up until about 10 months ago, I had never tried Pad Thai. I’m from a fairly small town that doesn’t have much to offer in the exotic/ethnic food department, so I never even had the opportunity to try it out.

But then… during one of our weekend excursions last fall, my friend Emily (who is a well-seasoned and avid Thai food fan) suggested we find a Thai restaurant. I’m always up for an adventure- especially when it comes to food so I eagerly agreed. We stumbled upon a little hole in the wall place called Simply Thai, and my life was instantly changed! I seriously had no idea what I was missing out on. Simply Thai quickly became one of my favorite restaurants, and is still one of my go-to places when I go out to eat or order in. I’m definitely missing it while I’m home for the summer!

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Things I’m Loving Lately #1

It’s Friday y’all! You don’t know how excited I am for the weekend to finally be here! This week has seemed extra long for some reason, so I can’t wait for some rest and relaxation. A visit to the farmer’s market and breakfast with a friend are in the mix so I definitely have somethings to look forward to.

I’ve seen these posts floating around on some of the blogs I read, so I thought it would be fun to join in! Every week once and a while, I will make a list of things that I am enjoying lately. Without further ado, here’s my first list:

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Roasted Chicken & Avocado Sandwich

In the summer I like to eat cold foods. Smoothies, salads, cold sandwiches, fruit… anything that won’t make me hotter than it is outside (that Texas heat is no joke). I also look for easy meals that can be made ahead or in the morning before heading out for the day. Sometimes turning on that oven or stove just generates way too much heat in the kitchen so recipes that don’t require cooking are definitely a bonus! This sandwich is amazing. And I when I say amazing I mean finger-licking, drool-inducing, worthy of the heavens good. It’s super simple to throw together and you can add or remove ingredients to make it more to your personal liking.

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